Beautiful DIY Newborn Headbands for Photography

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Even if you’re not crafty, this is a simple and quick project to do! You can make these newborn headbands for photography as fancy or simple as you want, let your imagination take over.

Table of Contents – Newborn Headbands for Photography


Basic Supplies needed:

  • Glue gun and glue
  • Beads of choice
  • Ribbon flowers
  • Stretchy fabric like Jersey knit
  • Tweezers (I like toothed forceps)
  • Something round to use as a mold (I used a golf ball – closest to the size I needed)
  • Scissors


  1. Cut fabric into thin strips, approx .5 – 1 inch thick. Stretch and pull to curl the edges. Fringe the edges to add texture if desired.
  2. Using the side with the edges curled in facing out, tie fabric around your round object and place on a surface where it wont roll around, such as a dish towel
    • This is important so that when the headband is put on, the beads sit in the right place.
  3. Glue the main item (flower) on first. While working with hot glue gun, be careful to not burn yourself.
  4. On each side of the flower start with a larger bead or pearl. Use the tweezers to hold the beads to make sure you don’t burn yourself. Hide the holes against the other beads and flower. Make sure the glue is touching the fabric. If it’s only glued to the other beads, they will fall off when moved or placed.
  5. Use different sizes and colors to give the headband a nice visual variance
  6. Store in a box or tied around display board to keep safe!
newborn headbands for photography
Newborn Headbands for Photography

Newborn Headbands for photography can be made however you like. Use different supplies such as eucalyptus, lace, daisies, feathers, beads, etc to show of your style and creativity.

Any stretchy fabric will work. Use a slip knot to adjust size as needed. Some people even use the fabric hair ties.

Mini silk or paper flowers found in the wedding section of craft stores are great to use.

Fun shaped beads with flat backs or resin objects come in a variety of shapes and sizes fit for any season.


Make sure to store your newborn headbands for photography to keep them clean, vibrant, dust-free, and organized.

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